Constructed Criticism Episode 71: Constructive Criticism


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Podcast: Play in new window | Download       This week the hosts go over some Legacy Power Rankings as well as discussing giving and receiving criticism in magic.Twitter @CCMTGSpencer: @spencer13hCasey: @ccbloodthirst Quentinn: @QuentinnPearceFacebook can donate to this podcast by going to our home page at and clicking on the donate button

Limited Time Only Episode 8: Best Limited Bomb Ever Round 2


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Podcast: Play in new window | Download This week on Limited Time Only the hosts open a few older boosters for fun and tell you what they would pick pack one pick one in Dark Ascension. They also go over round 2 of their “Best Limited Bomb Ever” Championship.FacebookLimited Time OnlyTwitter @LTOMTGSpencer @Spencer13HSammy @RealSamBatTravis @trav69187